UTS School of Computing and Creative Media

SwkGDC Game Jam 2023

Date: 31st August – 2nd September 2023
Venue: TEGAS Digital Village, Sama Jaya High Tech Park

The SwkGDC Game Jam 2023 is an exciting competition designed to inspire and showcase the creativity, technical skills and innovation of students in the field of game development. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced game developer, this competition provides a platform for the students to unleash their imaginations and develop captivating games. The participants will have the opportunity to apply their programming, design skills and artistic talents to develop games that entertain, educate or inspire players. 
We are thrilled to announce that after intense competition and rigorous evaluation, the talented student game developers have emerged as the victors of the SwkGDC Game Jam 2023. These young developers from University of Technology Sarawak (UTS) have not only demonstrated their exceptional creativity but also their dedication and skills in crafting the engaging and innovative games. We are proud to celebrate their achievements and showcase their incredible talents.
Our Creative Digital Media students won the competition as listed below:
Best Use of Theme
Game: BamTo!
Nur Syahirah Binti Muhammad Safiuddin
Alongside three outstanding teammates from beyond UTS
Most Memorable Category
Game: Beatnik Smasher
Aaron Lai Jhia Shen
Sherry Shu Siau Fang
Bryan Cho Zhe
Teaming up with two incredible talents from outside UTS
The winners received free conference passess worth RM400 for the Malaysia Digital Content Festival (MYDCF) 2023 from MDEC, along with mobility support from TEGAS Digital Village to attend the festival in Kuala Lumpur.
Here are some photos taken:

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