UTS School of Computing and Creative Media

Organisational Chart

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Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Alan Ting Huong Yong

Dr. Yiiong Siew Ping
Position: Deputy Dean
Phone: 084-367561
Email: siew.ping

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)

Ts. Dr. Chew Kim Mey
Position: Head of Programme, Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.)
Phone: 084-367427
Email: chew.kim.mey

Ts. Gary Loh Chee Wyai
Position:  Senior Lecturer / Director, CIR
Phone: 084-367523
Email: gary

Chang Wui Lee
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367437
Email: wui.lee

Dr. Tariq Zaman
Position: Head of ASSET/Programme Coordinator, Master in Computing and PhD in Computing/Associate Professor
Phone: 084-367520
Email: tariqzaman

Eileen Ong Sing Ling
Position: Senior Lecturer
Phone: 084-367560
Email: eileenong

Marcella Peter
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367556
Email: marcella

Nur Hidayatullah Binti Rashidi
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367588
Email: nurhidayatullah

Ts. Daniel Tan Yong Wen
Position: Senior Lecturer/Director of DRAC
Phone: 084-367432
Email: danieltan

Khairunnisa Binti Ibrahim
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367518
Email: khairunnisa.ibrahim

Dr. Michael Tang Chi Seng
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367474
Email: michaeltang

Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design (Honours)

Ts. Ahmad Lutfee Bin Mohd Lasa, CIDe
Position: Head of Programme, Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design (Honours)
Phone: 084-367417
Email: lutfee

Barbara Anak Dieo
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367513
Email: barbara

Khatijah Binti Hanapi
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367521
Email:  khatijah

Cherry Ling Yieng Siang
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367433
Email:  cherryling

Dr. Muhammad Firdaus Abong Abdullah
Position: Director, UTS Publication Unit/Associate Professor
Phone: 084-367529
Email: muhammad.firdaus

Ts. Muhammad Huzail bin Hasbullah
Position: Lecturer
Phone: -
Email: huzail

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Creative Digital Media

Mohamad Suffian Bin Abdul Kadir
Position: Head of Programme, Bachelor of Arts(Hons.) in Creative Digital Media
Phone: 084-367435
Email: mohd.suffian

Ts. Vanden Michael
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367517
Email: vanden

Nur Atiqah Binti Zaini
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367428
Email: nuratiqah

Jaibi Bin Sabian
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367477
Email: jaibi

Hasrunnaim Bin Hasan
Position: Lecturer
Phone: 084-367423
Email: hasrunnaim

Nurnazifah Binti Manshor
Position: Lecturer
Phone: -
Email: nurnazifah

Bachelor of Mobile Game Development (Honours)

Ts. Jackie Ting Tiew Wei
Position: Head of Programme, Bachelor of Mobile Game Development(Honours)
Phone: 084-367515
Email: jackie

Administrative Staff & Lab Technician

Khairunnisa Binti Ramli
Position: Executive
Phone: 084-367547
Email: khairunnisaramli

Salmia Binti Anuar
Position: Clerk
Phone: 084-367548
Email: salmia

Muhammad Asraf Bin Zulkarnain
Position: Senior Laboratory Technician
Phone: -
Email: muhd.asraf