UTS School of Computing and Creative Media

Mobile Journalism Workshop 2024

Date: 9th – 10th March 2024
Venue: Kingwood Hotel, Sibu Sarawak

Mobile Journalism Workshop 2024 is a training program or event designed to teach individuals the skills and techniques needed to produce professional-quality journalism using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.
These workshops aim to empower journalists, content creators and aspiring journalists with the knowledge and tools to effectively report and share news stories using their smartphone.
Typically, a Mobile Journalism Workshop covers various aspects, including:
1. Mobile Storytelling Techniques
2. Mobile editing
3. Mobile Journalism Tools and Applications
4. Ethics and Legal Considerations
Overall, these mobile journalism workshops contribute to Sarawak’s digitalization economy by empowering the local talent, fostering media innovation, promoting local storytelling, enhancing digital skills and attracting investments in the digital media sector. Thus, SCM undergraduate students were totally diving into these epic workshops, soaking up all of those priceless experiences like pros! #SkillBuilding #FutureLeaders
Here are some photos taken during the event.

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