UTS School of Computing and Creative Media


Date: 11th October 2023
Venue: Lecture Hall C, University of Technology Sarawak

CREATIVE MEDIA CRAZE 2023 is a dynamic and innovative gathering that celebrates the ever-evolving world of media, art and technology. This event, CRAZE 2023 was organized as the team building program to gather all the students of Creative Digital Media (BDM) to explore, discuss and collaborate on the latest trends and ideas in the world of creative media.
Through a series of networking sessions, student gathering and fun activities, we intend to foster creativity, students’ development and exchange of ideas among our student community. This is where the digital age meets artistic expression and the future of creative media is being shaped.
Here are some of the exciting activities conducted during the CRAZE 2023 event:
1. Short Briefing of Creative Digital Media Program.
2. Dean’s Lists Award
3. Team Building Activities:
    – Creative Media Comrade
    – BDM Logo Design Contest
    – Character Design Using Recycled Material
    – Mini Sports
Unlock your imagination, embrace creativity and become a part of the future of the creative media world!
See you on the next CRAZE 2024!
Here are some photos taken during the event.

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